"I just really like to draw disney princesses"

*forgets tiana but includes rapunzel merida elsa scrappy doo and a honda civic*

i want to take two weeks off in july for vacation time.. but i don’t know if we’re allowed to do something like that. i guess we’ll have to see ;_;


in the manga there’s a panel of him hanging off a tree like that AND I JSUT WANTED TO DRAW IT 

Papi Pacify
FKA twigs

Papi Pacify - FKA Twigs

  • inuyasha: (breathes)
  • sesshomaru: this fucking guy

Game of Thrones Intro on violin

i should make the law n order noise my text message sound. cool, catchy, and clever 

Breathe In
Frou Frou


Breathe In//Frou Frou

play frou frou at my funeral for real

Let Go
Frou Frou


Frou Frou - Let Go

This song never gets old.